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Vikingguides.com is a dynamic Danish owned Guiding Company, based in New Zealand, in the capital of the South Island, Christchurch.

With a desire to offer foreign hunters, anglers, and adventure seeking individuals a slice of the New Zealand Paradise, through the help and experiences of a “Viking” guide. From here the idea transpired to form Vikingguides.com

Our Philosophy is to offer a hunting adventure that stimulates the human’s natural hunting instinct. We don’t necessarily believe in the biggest trophy or the heaviest trout but have chosen to focus on the quality of the hunt, and the adventurous journey it is. For us there is hardly anything better than listening to the people we guide telling us how much they feel they really deserved what they had just achieved. Anyone who ventures onto this remote place in the world deserves to see the stunning aspects of New Zealand whilst doing what they love the most – be that hunting, fishing, mountain biking, or something even more wicked, and we aim to deliver just that!

Our focus is to provide the customer with the best and safest possible experience, and we take a lot of effort and time into making sure this happens prior to arrival, during, and after.

ChamoisPer Agerlund Jacobsen

The owner and head guide Per Agerlund Jacobsen first started hunting in New Zealand in 2004 with questionable success. But even though it was more hard work than normal, his desire for the hard hunt in New Zealand grew, and after hunting for about half a year full on in 2006, Per and his wife, Louise Jacobsen, moved to New Zealand in 2009 to live the dream of living and working in New Zealand.

Per is 31 years of age, and has been hunting since 2000, and fishing since his old man took him out in a boat when he was 8 months old! He is a member of New Zealand Professional Hunting Guides Association (NZPHGA), he has spent several weeks with the New Zealand Mountain Safety Council (MSC) to make sure the trips into the back country are carried out in a safe and enjoyable manner. Per has a passion for writing and has published several articles in Danish hunting Magazines as well as in New Zealand hunting Magazines, and numerous hunting WebPages.

ChamoisHis wife, Louise Østergaard Jacobsen, is an Intensive Care Nurse in Christchurch hospital, and the backbone of Vikingguides. She goes along on the odd trip to make sure the camp is nice and tidy, and that dinner is on the table, and she does the occasional hunt herself, and loves to go skiing.

Andy the Dog is the youngest member of Vikingguides, and the driving force, too – Just notice the commitment!

Vikingguides look forward to bid you welcome to New Zealand
– the paradise for the Adventurer!

Big Game: Himalayan Thar, Chamois, Red Deer, Sika Deer, Fallow Deer, Wild Pigs and other big game.
Small Game: Rabbit, Hares, Wallaby, Possum, Paradise duck, Canadian Goose, Black Swans, Turkey and more.

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