Have you ever dreamt of standing on the top of Mt. Cook?

Maybe Mountain biking on high country mountain bike trails is your game?

Surf on Sumner, Magnet Bay, or even Raglan?

Maybe you want to pack your ski’s and snowboard, and race down the slopes of Broken River, or cruise down Round Hill ski area?

Ever dreamt of blowing bubbles 85 feet down on the deck of Rainbow Warrior, or venture far into the Cruise liner wreck of the “Mikhail Lermontov”?

Hiking around New Zealand’s majestic country, maybe Photo safari in some of New Zealand’s most picturesque areas is the name of your game, or how about a full adrenalin 4WD trip up the East Coast Rivers, or maybe you’ve got a climber hidden in you. Around Christchurch we have access to pristine climbing areas.

Whatever your desire is to explore the outdoors of New Zealand, we are available to provide free consultation and to refer clients to their dream spot of New Zealand. We are available as well to offer quite a few adventure experiences at a good price!

Please feel free to Enquire about your adventure dreams

Adventure in New Zealand

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