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We have compiled a list of questions and answers that would be of use to you.

When is the overall best time to go hunting in New Zealand?
In general the season is considered very good from Mid February through till July.

Is it difficult to get weapons into New Zealand?
No, just let your travel agency know you are travelling with guns. At Christchurch International Airport you must present a valid firearms permit form your home country and pay 25 dollars (have this ready in cash !) to get a tourist firearms permit. Click HERE to fill out the Online Visitors Firearms License

What are your Insurance recommendations?
Clients are advised to contact their travel insurance company for adequate travels/medical/cancellation insurance. New Zealand has got a comprehensive public accident and rehabilitation cover, which covers visitors to New Zealand in the same line as residents of New Zealand, but travel insurance will get you home safely to your own country.

Do I have to be fit to hunt in New Zealand?
Yes. To have a good basic fitness is important when hunting in the mountains of New Zealand.

I would like to bring my wife and children hunting, is this possible?
Depending on the animal you have a desire of hunting we are often able to bring non-hunters on the trips. Please Enquire about this.

What is the best airport to fly to, when bringing weapons?
Christchurch International Airport. We will pick you up at the airport and lodge you at our home on Mt. Pleasant hill.

What kind of hunting gear and garments should I bring?
When talking garmenst, bring something the body breathes in. A good Wind stopper as well as a Gore-Tex Raincoat. Warm clothes for the cold days. Light pants that dry quickly. A good Quality hiking boot is essential.
Please Enquire for a full list. Furthermore Vikingguides gets some good discounts at the local outdoor shops. Shopping for garments in NZ is recommended as the garments are purpose built to last in our conditions.

New Zealand is far away and the time Distance is big. Is it hard to acclimatize?
Dependant on your flight time it is recommendable to plan your trip so you have got 1-2 days to acclimatize in, on both sides of your flight. The flight from Scandinavia is a long flight – around 35 hours.

Are we able to do a combo trip of both hunting and fishing?
Of course. Many prefer to tailor make their trip to suit their dreams.
At Vikinguides we can help, putting the pieces into the puzzle in order to make the most of your time in New Zealand.
Please feel free to Enquire about Combo trips.

What Calibre is the best all round calibre to hunt with in New Zealand?

Mountain hunting - .270 Winchester, 7mm rem.mag, 300 win.mag, and the good old .308

Bush hunting – Above Calibres, .222, .223, 243, even a 22-250. We won’t go into details, as shooting calibres is a jungle and some prefer their old trusty calibre.

Can I bring my camera for you to take some pictures of me with?
Yes, of course. I am an amateur photographer and always bring my SLR Camera on guiding trips. Included in the overall price is pictures taken during the trips, burnt down on a cd-rom for you to bring home.


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