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Alpine Hunting is relatively demanding, and a good basic fitness is essential in order to successfully hunt in the Mountains. Typically the hunt is carried out with the animal being spotted from down low, we then plan the stalk which often includes fly camping on the tops, to be close to the animal in the morning.

Hunting in the Bush, or Bush stalking, requires patience. A sharp eye is essential. The majority of the bush stalks happen during the Roar of the Red Deer. We slowly make our way to a good vantage point. From there we let out a couple of roars, to imitate the Stags roar. When the reply is met the intense stalk begins, and then prepare for an Adrenalin rush!

The most popular way of hunting Wild Pigs is by the aid of dogs. They find their prey and bail it up until the hunter comes with a BIG Knife! One very important thing about Pig Hunting: Prepare to get messy!

Spotlighting is only on private land. And at the end of the light small game is usually found. Hunting might not be the word for this method, nevertheless is it an efficient way to keep the population of small game down.


Transport into the mountains and hunting area ranges from basically pulling a pack on your back and walking into the hunting Area, using a 4WD Vehicle up along the mighty East Coast Rivers, the use of Quad bikes, Jet boats, small propeller aircrafts, to one of the most popular choices, the Helicopter. That allows you to spend more time hunting instead of long hikes into the hunting area.

Whatever transport choice you chose, an exciting and spectacular country will open before your eyes, with intense hunts at the destination.

Big Game: Himalayan Tahr, Chamois, Red Deer, Sika Deer, Fallow Deer, Wild Pigs and other big game.
Small Game: Rabbit, Hares, Wallaby, Possum, Paradise duck, Canadian Goose, Black Swans, Turkey and more.

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