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New Zealand is known for its talented Taxidermists who pride themselves of stuffing New Zealand game Animals to the highest standard. Vikinguides are associated with High Country Taxidermy who has won prizes for their detailed work. High Country Taxidermy is a member of the New Zealand Taxidermy Association (NZTA) and situated in the outskirts of Christchurch.

High Country Taxidermy 2011 Price List
(All Prices are in Nz Dollars, and Excludes Gst, N.A.)

Shoulder Mounts

Himalayan Tahr 850 NzD  
Chamois 700 NzD  
Red Deer 1150 NzD  
Sika Deer 960 NzD  
Fallow Deer 960 NzD  
Wild Pig with open Mouth 1100 NzD  
Alpine Goat 875 NzD  
Ram 850 NzD  
White Tail Deer 960 NzD  
Sambar Deer 1150 NzD  
Rusa Deer 960 NzD  
Wapiti Elk 1300 NzD  

Life Size


Half Life Size

Himalayan Tahr 4000 NzD 2800 NzD
Chamois 3250 NzD 2250 NzD
Red Deer P.O.A NzD  
Sika Deer 4200 NzD  
Fallow Deer 4200 NzD  
Wild Pig with open Mouth P.O.A NzD P.O.A NzD
Alpine Goat 3300 NzD 2250 NzD
Ram 3250 NzD 2250 NzD
White Tail Deer 4200 NzD  
Rusa Deer 4200 NzD  
Wapiti Elk P.O.A NzD  



Re-movable Antlers

Fallow Deer 175 NzD  
Red Deer 200 NzD  
Wapiti Elk 250 NzD  
Open Mouth(Stag) 275 NzD  

European Skull mount

Wapiti Elk 350 NzD  
Red Deer 300 NzD  
Fallow Deer 275 NzD  
Himalayan Tahr 200 NzD  
Chamois 200 NzD  
Fibreglass Replica of true Trout 14 NzD per. Cm  
Approved Crate Depended
on Volume,
but in general around 250 NzD.

A Deposit of 50% is required before any work Commences.



GODO New Zealand Ltd has safely shipped trophies all over the world for the last 28 years, and is very competent in specifically Trophy freight. They send shipments through to Agility and Bluewater Shipping.
The Director, Mr. Geoff Olsen, has lived in New Zealand his whole life. Being 52 years of age; he has most probably hunted the 51 of those years!

Below are indications on different freight costs. Please note the prices vary depending on sizes, weight and volume of the parcel, but will give the hunter a good indication of variable costs involved.

1 Tahr Shoulder Mount    
1 Chamois Shoulder Mount: By Fedex Courier, Delivered to Address: 730 NzD
2 Tahr Skulls    
1 Red Deer Shoulder Mount    
1 Tahr Shoulder Mount: To Copenhagen by Airfreight: 1345 NzD
1 Chamois Shoulder Mount To Seaport by Seafreight: 450 NzD
1 Mounted Rainbow Trout: By Airfreight, Delivered to Address: 330 NzD

All Prices Associated with shipping overseas are Gst Zero-rated.


Big Game: Himalayan Tahr, Chamois, Red Deer, Sika Deer, Fallow Deer, Wild Pigs and other big game.
Small Game: Rabbit, Hares, Wallaby, Possum, Paradise duck, Canadian Goose, Black Swans, Turkey and more.

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